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About Lair of the Nerd

Hi, I'm Rob, aka "The Nerd" in the Lair.

I studied computer graphics technology and computer animation at university, but thanks to combination of general anxiety disorder and clinical depression I found it very difficult to move onwards from university life, eventually finding myself miserable and grinding away in dead-end call centre jobs.

That was until it all came to a head about a year and a half ago and I wound up off work sick for an extended period of time. Because I wasn't ill enough to get disability benefits I wound up having to resign from my call centre job so that I could look for a job I could do.

Unfortunately when you're in a deprived area and jobs are tricky to come by, having a relatively narrow selections of jobs that you'd be capable of doing makes it particularly tricky.

Not wanting to sit on benefits and vegetate I decided to do something about it. I went on a course about business enterprise and looked at ways of securing funding through the New Enterprise Allowance scheme. Now, thanks to help from Local Solutions CIC and Enterprise Revolutions, Lair of the Nerd is being launched, and I am moving my life onwards to an exciting new chapter.